All In Good Time

This CD is my first venture and I'm proud of how it turned out. Different styles incorpoate many varied, talented musicians who make each song come alive and stand on it's own. The title song won the award for best pop song of the year in the New Mexico Music Awards competition in 1996. CD Baby If you can't get it from me, buy it at CD Baby!

JeeZ LaWeeZ

JeeZ LaWeeZ may appear to be a musical group, but in fact, they are a self-professed spiritual path to enlightenment disguised as a hugely talented and outrageously silly trio of musicians—Amy Blackburn (violin, viola, mandolin, kazoo, vocals), Katie Gill (guitar, ukulele, kazoo, vocals), and Nancy Harvin (harmonica, bass, percussion, vocals). They write memorable tunes and rearrange your favorites from the ’60s through the ’80s in unimaginable ways. Originally intended to be recorded live in concert, the album was instead recorded live (mostly) in the Wall of Sound Studios after illness canceled the concert twice. Despite their best efforts, the album doesn’t quite do that—I’m not sure any recording could. You might as well try to bottle sunshine—but it does faithfully reproduce their imaginative rearrangements, off-kilter originals, stunning three-part harmonies, and spirited hijinks. With a repertoire that stretches from J. S. Bach to James Brown, the ladies had a lot to choose from for the album. The covers they chose showcase their multifaceted talents. There’s an earnest take of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” that features the choral loveliness of Gill’s soprano. Their audacious take on David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” makes you ask, “How do they do that ?” I don’t know, and I’ve seen them do it several times, though on the album, I think they get a small assist from the board. For sheer foolishness, you’ve got their swinging, a cappella take of “Snap! Crackle! Pop!”—yeah, the Rice Krispies jingle. It’s a high point of three-part fun. Tom Petty’s “Yer So Bad” and the Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer” don’t quite capture the edge that their live performances give these tunes, but the rocking goofiness of “Wild Thing” comes through loud and clear. Their well-crafted originals include Blackburn’s rocking summer radio hit “This Groove,” and her grown-up ballad “Time Enough.” In a country-western mood, Gill contributes the hysterically irreverent “Jesus Is Better Than a Boyfriend” (“He’ll do all the laundry, then he’ll wash away your sin”) and the sensitive longing of “Just Me and the Moon.” Nancy Harvin’s humorous “No Mo’ ” chronicles the impact that the singer’s unspeakable (and unspoken) act has on her social life, and her “Little White Lies,” her wise, wry take on Southern social niceties, has become something of an anthem for the group. - See more at: Buy this at CD Baby This is a great site for baby "indie" groups who haven't gotten world famous yet! We can sell our CD's all around the world from here!

Cowgirl Serenade

The Buckarettes are proud to announce that they have just released their third and most powerful CD to date. "Cowgirl Serenade" is filled with reminiscent and “lust in the dust” songs which so strongly illuminate their depth and passion for Western ballads. If you liked them before you’re going to love them now! * "Cowgirl Serenade" received the "Best country Album of the Year" award for 2009 at the New Mexico Mic Awards ceremony, which is an organization that promotes recorded music throughout the state and gives musicians a chance to compete, show off and shine! They were honored to receive this coveted award. * In just a few short weeks following the release of Cowgirl Serenade they hit the #1 spot in popularity in the Album Category of Western Music & Swing Magazine and the song Slowpoke hit #1 as well in the Top 10 Song Category. * The Academy of Western Artists announced their lists of nominations for "Best Of" in 2009 in all categories of Cowboy and Western poets, musicians, yodelers, etc. Lo and behold, there were the Buckarettes, big as life in the top five for Western duos and groups! "Cowgirl Serenade" is becoming ever more popular and acknowledged all over the US as well as Europe. Hold your horses, gals, you're in for a wild ride on this one! Giddy-up and go, girls! You rock – or shall we say... swing! CD Baby If you cant' get it from us personally or from the stage, buy it here!
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The Buckarettes

The Buckarettes are an almost all cowgirl band who have been playing around New Mexico & parts of Colorado & Arizona for the last eight years. They have been heard around the world via radio stations sharing their playlists because the DJ's liked our music so much. You can purchase your own copy of The Buckarettes on CD There is a variety of cowboy & western swing tunes that will keep you tappin' laughin' and downright cryin' all in one listen through!! CD Baby
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The Buckarettes - Snow Angels

This album is perfect to add to your collection of Christmas and holiday music. "Snow Angels" by the Buckarettes has been a favorite of our fans when it comes to holiday listening. It's full of unexpected surprises--not your usual fair of Christmas songs. It's a must for all of you fun-loving holiday music lovers out there and it makes a great gift that keeps on giving year after year--AND it looks perfect peeking out of that little ole stocking! You can't go wrong on this one!! CD Baby We love CD Baby! Buy it from here!!
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